One Direction story

One Direction
One Direction story, the boyband is formed from the talent show X-Factor UK. Beginning before the band was formed into 1 lot of story. OK, I will start the stories from the first audition.

First One Direction story
Each personnel to audition X - Factor and round to conflict. But in early elimination, each announced personnel did not qualify for the next round . Liam James Payne , one of the personnel 1D was devastated when his name was not mentioned for next to event, why? because last year he also suffered failures to the same, the difference in 2009 and then Liam does not qualify because of age is too young . However , not only liam , there are also other personnel and participants who did not receive the audition jury verdict . Harry and Niall ( other personnel ) at the time was crying uncontrollably Uuuhhh do not be sad :(. But then , they ( the participants audition ) that do not qualify gathered in a room , do not know whats called . Then there was a crew of X - Factor comes into the room and arrived Dial a sudden back some of the names of participants who did not pass the audition [ Becca , Ganeva , Sophia , Liam , Louis , Niall , Zayn , Harry , etc ] . Nah loh , Why ? Confused dong surely they , with a look of exhausted kusem cry , they rose again upon the stage , and in short one of the judges Simon Cowell on X - Factor announced that , You're through to next round BUT in 1 group / 1 band . whooop them and am very happy at the moment, and one Direction was born on 22 July 2010 , along with girl band Belle Amie from the X - Factor as well.

This also Video One Direction story